How to use computerized embroidery machine?

Everything turns digital today. Technology is too much updated. The uses of various technologies have reduced our manual effort. Computers enhance this process a lot. So that everyone should know how to use computerized embroidery machine. 

So there is no demand for too much manual effort in this sector. Sometimes it works automatically. Humans only need to give the direction of overall design through the computer. It’s also awesome.

Are you curious to know about this unique technology? How can you get this blessing? How can you use it? Then it’s a suitable place for you. Let’s know about the details.

Embroidery machine computer setting

Before discussing how to use computerized embroidery machine, you have to know about what is embroidery machine computer setting.  The process through which embroidery takes place with the direction of a computer is known as computer setting in embroidery machines. That process is also familiar to the embroidery machine computer.

Nowadays it has become familiar to all. Even the total procedure may occur automatically. One can start a home-based business through it. To get the benefits one needs to connect his machine with the computer.

Here some software plays major rules. For this case, the computer needs to make or select a design, give the stitching pattern, and give commands to the machine. Then the machine will perform it on the basis of command.

The person only needs to Regulate the computer. Simply you can compare it with the human body. Where the computer seems like a brain and the machine as a body.

At the start, the cost may remain higher. But if you observe the efficacy it’s normal. It saves our time, labor, and works faster than the other ways.

Embroidery machine computer setting step by step

As a result of technology development, embroidery has brought many benefits by connecting directly to the machine with the computer. Like you click ‘Transfer’ and the file goes directly to the machine without the need for a USB stick.

If you connect the computer for embroidery with a sewing machine, follow the below step:

  • First step: At first, ready your computer and embroidery machine. Then connect your embroidery machine to the PC with the cable.
  • Second-Step: Open Windows Explorer and check out the event you might consider as an external drive.
  • If the event is so, you may have the option to interface directly with the embroidery and continue on stage 3 below.
  • If not, then your machine is not ready to make permanent unions.
  • Three-Step: Click on the “Transfer” icon from inside the embroidery.
  • Fourstep: Open a page. Then Select your “machine details” or a machine from a similar brand or select “Other” (2)
  • Fivestep: Select “File Type folder” for your machine assignments. Select and click “stitch file” (3)
  • SixStep: Then click the “location folder” as shown in Windows Explorer of your machine (4)
  • SevenStep: At last, click the “OK” button.

It will now be added to the off chance that your machine can be directly connected to the embroidery, and you can send the plan directly to your knitting machine.

How to use computerized embroidery machine with basic steps:

  • Build a design or update existing designs

For this, you need to test your creativity. Digitizing requires you to create designs that can be time-dependent.

However, if you can create something different from yourself, the artist in you will feel satisfied. You can also use predefined patterns when you buy embroidery software. You can also explore many designs available on the Internet by downloading them to a USB device, which you can further use with your embroidery machine for more beautiful, intricate designs. Also, keep in mind your engine’s capabilities, such as how many needles you can use, how many colors it can match, and so on. 

Otherwise, your design looks quite far from what you had in mind.

  •  Save and transfer the file to the machine

 Once you have finished designing or editing the part, save the file in a format compatible with the software. The form should also be readable by your machine. It is essential to save the file in a format compatible with your software and machine to make any future edits easily. 

You can either use a USB cable to transfer the design or use a USB device to let your device read the plan in digital format.

  • Start the sewing process

Before starting the machine with the embroidery function, you need to create a few manual inputs. The program assigns specific numbers for each of the different color and stitching orders. 

Your embroidery machine will also have several needles for a specific color. You need to fill in these details so that the machine knows which color thread to choose at different embroidery stages.

  • Frame the fabric using the hoop on the machine

 This will help keep the fabric in place while sewing designs on the machine. Framing ensures that the fabrics are stable enough to rotate the needles when making the stitches correctly. 

Embroidery designs are made as a loop using bobbins and top threads like ordinary knitting.

  • Start the embroidery machine

 Wait for the machines to complete the specified area of ​​sewing to ensure the looping is happening correctly. Once you input the needle number for the different colors and the order of the stitches, you will run the stitches, for which you will also get the input of the specific field. The machine will run until the specified area is completed and goes beyond the specified parameters.

  • Monitoring progress

 As an operator, you need to monitor your embroidery machine used constantly. Any machines with a needle need special care because they finish the stitching process after completing a specific color sewing job. Once this is done with one color, the operator has to change the color. If you often work with designs that require different colors, it is ideal to have a machine with many needles.

Set up your embroidery machine for wireless transfer:

Setting up an embroidery machine for wireless transfer is not too hard. For this, your machine should have an SD card slot. The SD card must be wireless-enabled.

If all things are okay, you just need to connect it with the computer to make it able to get wireless commands. This wireless machine connection will be useful for you. It will reduce your USB cable-related issues.

The setting process for wireless transfer has briefly explained here.

  • Firstly, register your machine for the application.
  • Connect both sewing machines and computers with the same wireless network.
  • Click the menu button and select the “options”
  • Go through network meeting settings and select add.
  • Choose the sewing machine and add it.
  • Then click “OK” to add the machine.
  • Move to your home tab
  • In the Sew group select the send option.
  • By selecting Send to Network Machine take your wanted machine.
  • Then send it to your machine.
  • Next, the transfer will take place
  • Finished outputting data will indicate the completion of the transfer. At that moment you should select the OK button.
  • Through this way, you can easily set up a wireless machine network.


1. How do I connect my embroidery machine to my computer?

The connecting process of your machine with the computer is explained here.

  • First, with the help of a cable, connect your computer with the machine. It will be visible in window explorer as an external file.
  • Now, click the transfer icon.
  • Next, select the machine option.
  • Then select the file type which your machine will use.
  • Choose the location of your machine from windows explorer.
  • Finally, click the OK button.

 2. How do you set up an embroidery machine?

The overall process is:

  1. Try to know the name of different parts of the machine
  2. Select proper thread and needle and their setting. It would be best if you took care of some norm of the needle. Those are sharp, universal, ballpoint, etc.
  3. Try to use a stabilizer by knowing its use
  4. Try to know the use of hoops
  5. Start your work with a small project
  6. Know about the uses of many embroidery related software

3. How does a computerized embroidery machine work? 

Computers make the design of the embroidery. It will make you able to edit anything like adding any later or date or event name or resize of the art. Then you can input the art on the machine through it.

Following the direction of the computer input, a stitch will take place. By providing the overall guideline, the computer performs its work.

4. What file format do embroidery machines use?

PES is the best format to use for brother embroidery machines. PES contains design information such as number of stitches, number of colors, name of thread color, and permission to display an image of the design on the LCD panel.

However, there are some limitations to the Tajima (.dst) format that make them less convenient.

5. How can I get embroidery designs from the computer to my Elna EMB81 machine?

  1. Firstly download (if it’s not available to you) the .jef file
  2. Copy the .jef file and take it in a new folder of USB pen drive
  3. Then insert it to the USB port of the machine
  4. Finally, open the .jef file from the machine and use it

Through this, you will find your wanted output.


The Knowledge of  “How to use computerized embroidery machine” helps to promotes the embroidery process a lot. Its use is rising day by day. It lowers the manual pursuits and improves the force of work. The using process is also straightforward.

If you know the using process, you can easily apply it to your embroidery machine. So try to know details about it. If you want, you can easily take the facility of technology. I think it will not be bad for you.


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