Common Embroidery Machine Problems

The sewing machine is such a common household appliance nowadays that many people forget how it used to be considered a valuable accessory to home life. An all-around versatile tool, an embroidery machine can be used to create handmade clothing, quilts, draperies, round rugs and so much more. It’s no wonder that this great invention has become so popular!

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Yet despite the high cost of acquiring one of these devices nowadays, there are also some common problems among both new and already-owned machines. Some of the most common embroidery machine troubles include having to re-thread the device far too often, an uneven or crooked stitch and constant jamming.

To determine what is causing your machine’s problems, you will need to thoroughly examine the situation before taking any steps to correct it. Take a close look at your sewing machine’s user manual for any information that could help. Next, make sure that you have completely read any warning labels. You should also refer to any troubleshooting guides that may be available in your model of sewing machine.

Skipping Stitches:

Skipping Stitches

One of the most common embroidery machine problems is when your device starts skipping stitches. This could have a multitude of reasons, but it is usually caused by either dirty or worn parts or incorrect needle placement. Some models of sewing machines require you to remove the needle plate before adjusting the needle, while others will make this adjustment as part of a larger maintenance process. Either way, users must follow their user manual’s instructions exactly.

Needles thread issues:

If your machine is having trouble with the needle threading feature, then you are having a basic issue that is not directly related to the embroidery function. This is more likely an issue of poor design rather than one of actual malfunction, and sewing machine users are encouraged to go back and read their owner’s manual. There may be a way for you to access the bobbin mechanism without removing all of the exterior parts of your device. Inspect the area where the needle is inserted through the metal plate and check out your bobbin case if there is no obvious way to do this.

If you’re not sure how to use certain features of your embroidery machine, then you should probably seek help from a professional. If you are unsure about what function your device turns on or off, then consult your user manual. Other people may offer better service for your embroidery machine repairs, so it is best to ask around or look online.

Bobbin problem:

bobbon problem

If your sewing machine is having trouble with the bobbin, then there are many things you can try to correct this issue. The first step may be to turn the bobbin tension knob to loosen the mechanism a little bit. If this does not work, you should consult your user manual on how to adjust it to hold more stitches per inch. After that, you should ensure that the bobbin is properly threaded. The best quality Bobin can minimize this problem



Another common problem with embroidery machines is jamming. Regardless of how often you have your device serviced, there could be a few issues with your machine that are causing it to become stuck. This means that you will need to very carefully pull apart all the exterior parts in order to reach the gears and other working parts inside. Be extremely careful when doing so, and if you have any doubts about what you are doing then you should seek the help of a professional.

After you have opened up the device, be on the lookout for areas that require lubrication. There could be a few bearings or gears that require oiling, and this process is best completed by someone who is well-trained in sewing machine repair. After making any necessary repairs, be sure to test out your device before closing it back up again.

All of these problems should be avoided by taking care of your embroidery machine. After being kept clean, well-oiled, and maintained, you will be able to get many years out of your device. You can even purchase special tools and accessories that make it easier for you to maintain the machine and keep it in good repair.

If you’re still having trouble with your machine’s maintenance, then consult the experts.

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