Best Size Embroidery Hoop For Beginners 2021

An embroidery hoop is one of the essential tools an adult beginner needs to advance their skills. This post will go over a few different options for hoops and give you tips on making a decision to chose the best size embroidery hoop for beginners.

There are many options available for embroidery hoops. 

  • Some make from metal, 
  • some produce from wood and other materials. 
  • Some can find from fabric on the exterior or interior. 

The best type of embroidery hoop for beginners depends mainly on their preferences and skill level. The most important thing is that the hoop has an open center and tightens the fabric.

Best Size Embroidery Hoop For Beginners

Only after you have practiced embroidery for some time should you move on to other types of hoops. This means that your first hoop probably shouldn’t be anything but a primary wood or plastic hoop. Some of the various types of hoops available today include:

Wooden/bamboo Embroidery Hoops

Wooden embroidery hoops are perhaps the most accessible and most traditional type of hoop. These are also among the most common types of hoops. Wood hoops are excellent for beginners because they are inexpensive and user-friendly. However, they do not offer as much support for your fabric as other types of hoops due to their lightweight construction. The wood can bend a little bit from the weight of your fabric, which can cause some undesirable puckering in your design. Wooden hoops are also not as easy to travel with because they are fragile and can break more quickly than other types of hoops.

Check below 6 best wood/bamboo embroidery hoops:

1. BigOtters 6PCS Embroidery Hoops with Bamboo Circle Cross Stitch Hoop Ring 4.7

2. Natural Beech Wood Embroidery Hoops Cross Stitch Hoop Ring

4. Caydo 12 Pieces 4 Inch Round Embroidery Hoop Bulk Wholesale Bamboo Circle Cross Stitches Hoop Ring

5. Caydo 6 Pieces Embroidery Hoop Set Bamboo Circle Cross Stitch Hoop Ring 4 inch to 10 inch

6. Natural Beech Wood Adjustable Rotated Embroidery Frame Stand for Most Sizes of Hoops – Cross Stitch Wooden Stand Suitable for Studio

Plastic Embroidery Hoops

Plastic embroidery hoops are very similar to wooden embroidery hoops and have many of the same pros and cons. Plastic hoops can be just as lightweight, but they will not break as easily as a wooden hoop may do so. Even though plastic may be a bit heavier than wood, the difference is not enough for most beginners to notice.

Plastic embroidery hoops are inexpensive but may not be as easy for a beginner to use. Plastic hoops can warp or crack over time due to temperature changes, so they should not leave them in extreme heat or cold for long periods. These types of hoops are also not as user-friendly for beginners as wooden hoops. Plastic embroidery hoops can be challenging to determine which tightening mechanism is using on the hoop and how it works.

Check below 3 best plastic embroidery hoops:

1. Round Embroidery Hoops Display Frame Circle, Cross Stitch Hoop Ring Imitated Wood Embroidery Kits for Art Craft Sewing and Christmas Ornaments

2. Similane 6 Pieces Embroidery Hoops, Plastic Circle Cross Stitch Hoop Ring 3.4 inch to 10.2 inch (Multicolor) for Embroidery and Cross Stitch

3. Caydo 5 Pieces Embroidery Hoops Plastic Cross Stitch Hoop Embroidery Circle Set, 5 inch to 11 inch (Multicolor)

Metal Embroidery Hoops

Metal embroidery hoops are perhaps the best choice for beginners because they offer much support and do not easily warp or break. These hoops will be much heavier than wooden or plastic hoops, but most adult beginners will not notice this difference.

Metal embroidery hoops can also provide excellent tension for keeping your fabric pinned in place during use. Because they have no hinges, metal hoops will not collect dust or dirt over time and will last for years without any issues.

Check below 3 best metal embroidery hoops:

1. Frank A. Edmunds Set of 3 Assortment, 3.5-inch, 5-inch and 7-inch Spring Tension Embroidery Hoops

2. Nurge Embroidery Hoop Cross Stitch Metal Spring Tension Ring & Frame (Large)

3. Premium Quality, Metal Spring Tension Embroidery Hoops, (Medium)

What is size embroidery hoop best for beginners?

As mentioned above, the size of embroidery hoops can vary. Beginners will usually start with a small hoop that is about 8 inches in diameter. This will be fine for a beginner in most instances because the smaller size will help beginners learn how to work with the hoop.

Another thing to consider is when you plan on starting as an embroidery beginner. The best time to create an embroidery beginner is when they are about 6 or 7 years old. This is the age at which most children can hold small objects in their hands and work with them.

What alternatives are there to an embroidery hoop?

If you do not want to invest in an embroidery hoop, then you may want to look at other options. Some people try to use a metal plate with batting and tacking on it. Other people use wrenches to take up the slack and tighten the scarf piece part of their embroidering fabric.

How do you fit an embroidery hoop?

Once you have chosen your embroidery hoop, you will need to fit the embroidery hoop into your embroidery machine.

The first step is to choose the right size hoop for your machine. Usually, it is best to choose a size that is approximately one size larger than the most prominent hoop that you are using at the time. This way, there will still be room for adjustments as your fabric grows over time.

What is the giant-size embroidery hoop?

We can find the most significant size embroidery hoop at Woodcraft. They have a wide selection of sizes that range from 14 inches to 22 inches in diameter.

What are the best embroidery hoops for beginners?

A good quality embroidery hoop will last for years and will not give you many issues such as squeaks or rusting over time. The best ones to choose from are those that have metal bars with small holes in them.

Common Beginner Embroidery Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes beginners make is when they lift their stitches too soon or leave them too long. A beginner may try to embroider a photo or pattern, but they may not have done a perfect job when they lift their stitches in the middle of the piece.

Another common beginner mistake is when they lose their fabric in the hoop. Everyone can quickly fix it by closing it back up and keeping it closed for at least an hour before working with it again. It is also essential that you check for mistakes as soon as you can before making any repairs.


When it comes to embroidery, you must have all of the right supplies. It is equally important that these supplies fit your budget. With the three types of beginner embroidery hoop that we have listed above, you will be able to choose something that fits you well.

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