5 Best Embroidery Floss Brand For Hand Embroidery

What is the best embroidery floss brand for hand embroidery? This question is a timeless one in the world of needlework. Though some people swear by cotton floss and others by silk, there’s no correct answer to this question.

To decide what type of thread should be used, the texture of the fabric being stitched. If possible, the color or colors desired can be taken into consideration before making a decision.

best embroidery floss brand for hand embroidery

Guidelines of choosing best embroidery floss brand for hand embroidery:

Regardless of what type of floss is being used, some basic guidelines can be followed when choosing a floss:

1) The quality of the thread should be of a consistent thickness. In other words, there should not be unevenness in thickness over any of the threads in the skein. Ideally, there should be no difference between thick and thin threads.

2) The quality of the thread should be soft and smooth. The ads should not feel rough or scratchy. Also, the thread that is being used for hand embroidery should not be stiff or brittle.

3) The color of the thread should be as close to accurate as possible. Hand embroiderers often have a preference for buying skeins that are explicitly dyed for handwork. However, if a color is not preferred or available, the floss can be stained with a base color (undyed) before embroidery.

4) The tip of the needle should not “shed.” Thread needs to hold its shape and remain neat when being worked. If you have to continually pull out tiny bits of yarn because it is shedding or has become loose, it should be replaced.

5) The thread should not tangle easily. This can be achieved by carefully wrapping the thread around the needle.

7) The thread should not be too stiff, and it needs to hold its shape when being embroidered. The floss also needs to keep a stitch well enough that the fabric piece is not distorted or stretched too much. Suppose you have difficulty obtaining a smooth stitch. In that case, the floss may need to be softened by soaking in water or dampening with alcohol before it can be successfully stitched without being distorted.

If you have been using the same floss brand for years and have been happy with it, there is no need to buy a new floss. It often pays to look at other brands of embroidery floss before making your next purchase.

Below we have listed the best embroidery floss making brands for you:

1. DMC

2. CXC

3. Anchor

4. Sullivans

5. J&P Coats

Short description of the brands for better understanding:

DMC Brand:

This is a well-respected and ardent brand. DMC is one of the greatest names in embroidery floss. It offers many different types of floss, including DMC Pearl Cotton, DMC Metallic, and multicolored thread.

The thread varies in price entirely with the quality and weight of the floss. The great thing about this brand is that it produces different sizes of skeins according to the embroidery style.

CXC Brand:

This brand is made in China. This thread is soft, smooth, and firm. The color of this thread ranges from a deep, rich brown to a vibrant purple. This floss brand is not as expensive as some other brands, which often means it produces an overall high-quality product for the money it costs.

Anchor Brand:

This brand’s floss is manufactured by a reputable company that makes threads for top-of-the-line sewing machines and hand embroidery hoops. The color of the floss of this brand is vibrant, and the quality is exceptional.

The one downfall of this brand is that the size of the skeins runs small. This can make it a little bit more inconvenient to work with than other brands.

Sullivans Brand:

Sullivan’s brand floss is manufactured in China. It has a variety of styles to suit any color palette. It has a slight sheen to it that can make it look slightly shiny when used on certain items. However, this feature can be advantageous when stitching on a dark material because it will stand out more quickly.

It is priced similarly to DMC, but the skeins are a little bit larger.

J&P Coats:

This brand is an excellent option for beginners and experienced embroiderers alike. This brand produces high-quality, consistent products that are available in many sizes and shapes. This floss does not bleed or fade, even when it is being worked on dark fabric.

The color is not as vibrant as some of the other brands on the market, but it is still quite pleasing to the eye and can be used for many projects.


Is all embroidery floss the same?

No! You always want to make sure you buy 100% cotton embroidery floss and not a blend with anything else. Also, the floss’ brand name is not as important as the number of strands used in the floss. They range from 6 different strands to 30. The more strands there are, the thicker your stitching will be.

Can I use all-purpose thread for embroidery?

No! The “all-purpose” thread is more tightly twisted, and it will break. It is meant for sewing clothes, and because your hand embroidery projects will have much longer stitches, any weight of thread lighter than six strands will most likely get snagged.

What is the difference between embroidery thread and embroidery floss?

Embroidery thread is a type of embroidery floss, meaning when you buy it already made, it should say “Embroidery Floss” on the package. The difference between the two is that floss has 6 strands while thread usually has 8. It is also sometimes called pearl cotton or pearl cotton #10 because it is made with a 10wt. (or 10 strands) of smaller threads.


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