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Ever since people first began stitching together beads, people have created beautiful embroidery work. Embroidery has been used for creating art on clothing, quilts, and home decor projects. Our blog post shows you the best embroidery blogs so that you know who to follow to learn more about this craft.

These blogs to embroidery are the best for connecting with other stitchers and gaining inspiration.

No matter what you need to know about embroidery, there’s a blog for that! Interested in learning about different stitches, or want advice on how to use darning thread? You’ll find it all here.

Here is the list and short description of best embroidery blogs:

This blog aims at easing you into embroidery. The blog offers help in learning the embroidery basics through applique, outline and free-motion embroidery, and many other techniques. MARY CORBET is the owner of the blog.

One of the best embroidery blogs where you will see creative designs coming to life. The blog shares articles and tutorials for various topics such as design and color, shaping tips, stitching techniques, outlining, free-motion embroidery, and designing. Their motive is to “change the way you think about embroidery.” Jamie Chalmers is the owner of the blog.

A wide range of unique and beautiful embroidery designs with a step-by-step guide on how to create them. The blog aims at providing you with clear and concise instructions for creating what they design. Frequent updates make this one of the best embroidery blogs out there!

A blog that provides you with the best embroidery threads, needles, and products from the best suppliers. This blog is a one-stop-shop for all your embroidery needs!

A blog that provides step-by-step tutorials for embroidery of different projects starting at the very beginning. It also provides tips on choosing your machine, supplies, and materials.

A blog that provides you with embroidery tips and supplies and free patterns in full color that can be traced and used to create beautiful embroidery projects of your own!

Creative designs and tutorials to help you stitch beautiful handmade projects. This blog aims to help you with all the steps of stitching and choose the best embroidery machine for your needs.

A blog that provides free patterns in full color for a wide range of embroidery projects such as pillows, dolls, and wall art.

A blog that helps you with the design, sourcing, and brands of embroidery supplies for your projects. It provides step-by-step tutorials and free patterns for various projects such as hats, bags, and other accessories.

A blog that provides tutorials and patterns for embroidery projects. Their specialty is the free pattern service which offers full-sized patterns to print and trace onto fabric.


All the blogs we listed here aim at helping you with your projects, from beginners to experts. Feel free to check the blogs out and let us know which one you liked the most in the comments section below.

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