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Embroidery has been the heart of beauty and design dating back to thousands of years. The whole art and science of embroidery revolves around the stitching and sewing of designs in fabrics with strands of threads and yarns. Historically, embroidery has been primarily done by hand. However, with advancement in technology some of the best embroidery machines have come up to take over the designing process making it fast, accurate and more appealing.

Embroidery machine review
Embroidery machine review

The first embroidery machine as we know it today was patented by Isaac singer in 1846 about 18 years after the creation of the first hand-embroidery machine, by Josue Heilmann of Mulhouse, France. Thereafter a revolution of embroidery machines begun in Switzerland led by Isaac Groebli who created the Schiffli machine; a small boat-shaped shuttle which made backstitches. Reading the thousands of embroidery machine reviews today, you cannot help but appreciate the expanding technology behind embroidery machines.


Brother PE525 – The Best Home Embroidery Machine
Brother PE770 5x7 inch Embroidery-only machine with built-in memory, USB port, 6 lettering fonts and 136 built-in designs
Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine
Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine with Included Rolling Carrying Case
Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4x4 Embroidery Machine With 67 Built-in Stitches, 70 Built-in Designs, 5 Lettering Fonts
Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4x4 Embroidery Machine With 67 Built-in Stitches, 70 Built-in Designs, 5 Lettering Fonts
Take your love for embroidery to the next level with this extremely usher friendly and feature-rich state-of-the art machine. Its versatility and functionality will blow your mind!Make gorgeous sew fashion or machine embroidery garments this two-in-one embroidery and sewing machine. It is your go-to piece of equipment! With a full computer connectivity that allows you to download amazing collections of embroidery designs, this machine offers you an exciting blend of creativity and technology!
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4.6 Stars

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Brother PE525 – The Best Home Embroidery Machine
Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine
Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing Review
Brother Designio Series DZ820E Embroidery Only Machine
SBrother PE540D 4x4 Embroidery Machine with 70 Built-in Decorative Designs, 35 Disney Designs, 5 Fonts
Brother PE540D 4x4 Embroidery Machine with 70 Built-in Decorative Designs, 35 Disney Designs, 5 Fonts
Are you a newbie in embroidery and want a machine that will take you right into the center of the art? Checkout this machine, it has much more that you possibly need.This is the gateway to the world of machine embroidery. It has the capacity to embellish your home and clothing decorations and literally satisfy every embroidery expectation!Do you want to embroider the magic of Disney your project? Try out this machine pre-loaded with Disney collection designs that will certainly blow off your mind!
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4.3 Stars

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4.5 Stars

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The boom in demand for machine-embroidered items has made designers to constantly be on the lookout for the best embroidery machine for their perfect designs. The good news is, the search has been made much easier with lots of easy-to-use, affordable and computer-operated embroidery machines. Nowadays, there are specialized attachments which allow embroidery to be added onto a variety of fabrics and other products. You can even add sequins and other fancy enhancements to give your projects a fancy touch.

The Top  Embroidery Machine Reviews 2016

Sewing machines have the capacity to do lots of processes amongst them embroidery. Such machines are known as combination machines. There is a wide array of sewing machines available in the market today some pretty costly while others are budget models. Getting the best embroidery machine requires that you have a clear picture of your needs and preferences. With these in mind, you can start shopping online and even read embroidery machine reviews to get a feel of what to expect before making the financial commitment. Below is a review of the top makes and models in the embroidery machine world.

Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery Sewing Machine

Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery Sewing Machine
Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery Sewing Machine

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This embroidery machine combines creativity art and technology to give both experienced and amateur sewers a complete sewing and embroidery package. It does so much including mending, heirloom sewing, embroidery, quilting, garment construction and craft sewing. It also has a USB port that allows you to download updates and designs right from your computer. This upgrade distinguishes this machine from the Brother SE350 model.

Brother SE400 Stitch Count

Brother SE400 is a machine combining both sewing and embroidery. It has 67 built in stitches and 10 styles of one-step buttonholes. This allows designers to do certain kinds of sewing in a much easier way. The assortment of built in stitches comprises straight zigzag, Blindhem, Overcasting, Patchwork, Applique, Stretch, Decorative, mocking, Quilting, Eyelet and Side Cutter stitches. Like a serger, Side Cutter stitches help in trimming off the fabric at the seam when sewing.

Embroidery Sewing Patterns
According to embroidery machine reviews, Brother SE400 has 70 built in embroidery designs which include baskets of flowers, plants, birds, animals and roses. When you choose the pattern, the machine will guide you step by step into completing the pattern using thread color selection. The LCD screen fitted into the machine shows you the duration it will take to complete every step.

You can also add your own designs in addition to these 70. To do this, you can either buy Brother embroidery cards to feed into the card reader slot or download designs from the internet and feed them through the USB connection.

Stitch outlines and letter Fonts

Brother SE400 has over 10 frame types including circle, square and diamond and 12 stitch styles to use with the frames giving a total of 120 framing styles. This provides you with an opportunity to come up with more decorative styles. as one of the best embroidery machines, Brother SE400 has five fonts each containing 5 different types of characters; numbers, lower and upper case letters , European characters and symbols. There are also different font styles to add spice to your embroidery designs.

Brother SE400 Presser Feet

This machine model comes complete with 8 snap-on presser feet; the Zigzag foot, Buttonhole Foot, Overcasting Foot, Monogramming Foot, Zipper Foot, Blind stitch, Button Fitting Foot and embroidery foot. Unlike in other machines, the presser foot of Brother SE400 has 3 settings which include, regular up, down and extra up specifically for slipping thick fabrics under the presser foot.

Other Embroidery Sewing Functionalities

As highlighted in this embroidery machine review, Brother SE400 is not just packed with these features for nothing. It combines the benefits of updated sewing technology to ensure easy set-up, solid performance as well as fewer if any thread and jamming issues.

It has a horizontal top thread delivery, drop feed-dog lever, automatic needle threader, 7-point feed-dog system, quick-Set drop-in bobbin, automatic bobbin winding system as well as upper thread and bobbin sensors to notify you when the thread is running out or has broken.

The computerized LCD control panel with a touch screen measuring 1.5 inches x 2.8 inches controls all the selection and settings of stitches.

At its pricing, Brother SE400 is among the best embroidery machines you can get loaded with all the features described in this review. It’s a real value for money!

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine with USB Memory-Stick Compatibility

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine with USB Memory-Stick Compatibility
Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine with USB Memory-Stick Compatibility

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This is one of the Top Commercial Embroidery Machines. It is also a machine built for the embroidery enthusiast. It has a collection of preprogrammed decorative patterns totaling 136 as well as 10 frame shapes, 12 border styles and 6 lettering fonts. With Brother PE770, you can transform an otherwise plain fabric into a unique and decorative piece. Die-hard embroiders who lay their hands on this best embroidery machine cannot think of any other.

In the event the patterns pre-added into the machine do not measure up to the kind of designs you want to bring out, Brother PE770 has another option for you-an open window to scour the internet for patterns and import them directly into the machine using USB port functionality. The compatibility of the memory stick to the card reader gives you another possibility of importing designs of up to 5” x 7”.

Features of Brother PE770

Brother as a brand believes in the philosophy of simplicity in set and use off machines during sewing. This is precisely why the PE770 has not only been ranked as a top machine but also easy to use particularly for beginners.
There are lots of features that come up with the Brother PE770 model but this embroidery machine review will just highlight the top features. This machine offers:

  • Quick and easy winding and setting of the bobbin
  • Highly efficient automatic threading
  • Automated upper – thread tension setting which enables the production of perfect stitches on virtually any type of fabric
  • LCD touch screen to help and guide you when choosing stitching patters and screen editing. This visual functionality makes embroidery designs to come out as envisioned.
  • Memory functionality that saves earlier – done designs for future use- This makes it much easier to work with the same designs as before off improve on earlier done designs instead of always starting from scratch.
  • Guided by the perfect knowledge that embroidery can be straining especially when done for long in poorly lit conditions, the Brother PE770 manufactures added 2 Led style lights. This makes the work area brighter for extended embroidery sessions.
  • Other accessories that make this best embroidery machine a worthwhile investment include an accessory foot, needles bobbins, cleaning brush, seam ripper, a 5inch x 7 inch embroidery hoop, and a reference guide to help you in quick look ups and troubleshooting.

In addition, the PE770 comes with a full array of accessories including a 5inch x 7 inch embroidery hoop, accessory foot, needles bobbins, seam ripper, cleaning brush and a reference guide that is handy for quick look ups.
With an excellent stitch quality and beautiful designs, the Brother PE770 is the go-to machine for all your sewing and embroidery needs.

You will certainly enjoy the ease with which you can change threads and decrease stitch sizes. This embroidery machine review has basically captured the most critical components to save you time in deciphering the manual in detail.

Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine

Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine
Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine

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If you are one of the people who love working with thread and experimenting different styles then the Brother LB6800PRW will most certainly make an entry into your books as your best embroidery machine.

The features Brother LB6800PRW
For anyone who takes swing and embroidery seriously, this is the machine to buy. It has loads of features that make sewing and embroidery a breeze.

  • Computer connectivity – Just by the mere fact that you can connect this machine to the internet and search whatever design or pattern you want, gives it a unique profile in the eyes of designers. You can upload you own customized embroidery or sewing projects straight into the machine to expand your library and bring in variety. This also means you can enhance the uniqueness of your creations and avoid cased of repeated embroidery.
  • Built in stitches and fonts – this embroidery machine review can confirm that Brother LB6800PRW has over 70 embroidery stitches, 67 sewing stitches, 120 frame patterns as well as 5 monogramming fonts. You also have the liberty to adjust the length of the stitches to about 5mm and the width to about 7mm. The wide collection of stitches allows you to do things such as the stretch stitch, heirloom, eyelet, appliqué, smocking stitch, stretch stitch as well as other decorative stitches.
  • The presser foot leveling button and a pressure foot adjustment – to enable you press even the toughest fabrics during sewing.
  • The machine also comes with a needle – stop position control which ensures that the needle always stays on point and doesn’t sway or shake sideways during sewing. This produces stable stitch and embroidery patterns with the finesse sought after by the 21st century fashion customer.
  • Automatic reinforcement stitch – this ensures that all your garments are firm and that the stitch was open up the moment you start using the embroidered fabric.
  • An LCD touch screen – this is your visual guide when selecting and correcting stitch patterns. They are backlit meaning even in the dark you can clearly see the buttons you are pressing and you don’t have to fumble over the screen.
  • Other amazing features that make this the best embroidery sewing machine include the Easy needle threading system and 5 styles of 1-step automatic buttonholes.

As described though out this embroidery machine review, this is a machine in its own class. Its powerful enough to quietly sew fabrics without a struggle.

Brother Designio Series DZ820E Embroidery Only Machine

Brother Designio Series DZ820E Embroidery Only Machine
Brother Designio Series DZ820E Embroidery Only Machine

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Unlike the machines described above, this is an embroidery-only model. It is expansive with an embroidery area measuring about 5″ x 7″ to enable you embellish any article in a professional fashion. This machine is a member of the Designio family of machines from Brother. It is made with designers in mind.

Embroidery Designs Fonts and Patterns

It is with reason that Brother Designio DZ820E has been categorized a top best embroidery machine. It has a whopping 130 built-in embroidery designs, 120 frame pattern combinations as well as 6 lettering fonts to give you the opportunity to design your ultimate pattern. Creativity requires variety and this machine has it all.

USB Functionality

If you feel the need to supplement or just explore a variety of designs from the internet to add to add to your embroidery library, the Brother Designio DZ820E allows you to do so through its USB port functionality. There are lots of designs from iBroidery.com that you can choose from. What more! The machine comes as a package with a CD containing over 200 designs that you can feed into your machine through the USB port. Not to exaggerate but rather to put out the message clear through this embroidery machine review, this machine knows no limits when it comes to embroidery designs.

LCD touch screen
This visual component allows you to scan through the features of the machine quite fast. It acts as your guide in the selection of stitching patterns and when doing corrections. The screen is loaded with in-built tutorials that you can watch and implement straight away. This saves you time leafing through the machine manual and in guess works.

Drop-in type of bobbin

The drop-in type of bobbin makes it easy to load. This coupled with the brightly lit sewing area means you can work fast without straining hence a higher productivity. When you look at embroidery machine reviews all over the internet, you will discover that Brother has the best lighting system amongst all the brands. This is a feature that Brother Designio DZ820E has inherited with perfection.

There is a collection of other features and accessories including automated needle threader and automatic thread cutter, dust cover, embroidery Starter Kit, Embroidery hoops (5″ x 7″, 4″ x 4″ and 2.5″ x 1″, embroidery bobbin thread, scissors, spool net, spool caps, Small screwdriver, Seam ripper, embroidery foot, needle set and an operational manual.

To further convince you that this is the best embroidery machine, it comes with a 25 year limited warranty. This means your investment is covered for 25 years just in case any mechanical issue comes up. The accessories are easily available and this makes it even friendlier.

Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Home and Hobby Cutting Machine with a Built-in Scanner

Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Home and Hobby Cutting Machine with a Built-in Scanner
Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Home and Hobby Cutting Machine with a Built-in Scanner

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This is a top range die-cutting machine complete with a built in scanner. When you read through embroidery machine reviews, this is one of the few with built-in scanners. It is easy to use and has an extremely friendly user interface. Unlike other machines the Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Home and Hobby Cutting Machine with a Built-in Scanner doesn’t require that you set up lots of things before starting your embroidery operations. You simply need to open it up and carefully follow the instructions as indicated on the manual.

The limited set up requirements means you can use the machine as soon as you open the box. This saves on time allowing you to dedicate your energy and time into doing the most critical job of designing.
On-screen editing functionalities – when you are editing your embroidery designs, you need a reflection of how it will ultimately come out. This is served well with the on-screen editing feature that comes with this machine. It is simple to manipulate in order to come up with the design you want.

  • Built-in scanner – as earlier stated, this is a unique feature of this machine. The scanner enables you to scan anything from customized designs to other complicated projects thus opening up the designing horizon and lifting the limitations.
  • Image conversion – you can easily convert images into files compatible with this machine using the innovative cloud based app developed for this machine.
  • As a die-cutter, this machine combines shapes, hand drawings and fonts through its liquid crystal display (LCD) touch screen.
  • Its portability allows you to use it anywhere from your house to your office. This gives you flexibility during operations.
  • There are lots of materials this machine can handle including cardstock, poster board, velum, scrapbook, and tracing. Fabrics such as cotton, felt and flannel can also be processed.
  • According to embroidery machine reviews, the computer program that comes the Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Home and Hobby Cutting Machine with a Built-in Scanner makes it one of the best embroidery machine. This is because it allows you to design images for your projects. By scanning images into the machine, you can have a variety of designs and patterns to work with.
  • Other accessories you will get when you purchase this machine include a deep cut blade and holder, standard mats 12×12 inches in size, spatula, contact sheets, fabric support sheets and well as low tack adhesive mat. It’s an excellent machine for beginners and seasoned embroiders.

Buyer’s Guide on How to Choose the Best Embroidery Machine

The desire of every buyer is to get the best product at the best price. However, this may be a little bit difficult especially for new buyers. This guide will walk you through the process of buying an embroidery machine. It brings together all the tips you will ever find in an embroidery machine review.

  • Quality – embroidery machines should be portable and durable. Most of the machines you will find in the market are made of plastic to cut on manufacturing costs as well as boost portability. Even with h this, you must ensure that the quality of the plastics is top notch. Cheaply constructed embroidery machines with substandard parts easily break down.
  • Easy to clean and attach– another area you should look at when buying these machines is the ease of access and cleaning of accessories and parts such as levers, buttons, feet and feeder. The accessories and settings must be attached well. Loose attachments not only look ugly but also tend to fall off easily. Bobbins for instance should sit snugly on the spindle to allow them to be unspooled by the machine.
  • Functionality – depending on the degree of embroidery you want to do, you may prefer a machine with extra functionalities including the ability to make zigzag stitches, straight stitches and blind hems. This will make your work easier. Also look for features such as LCD screens to guide you in selecting stitch patterns and corrections. To make your embroidery task a success, the best embroidery machine you shoes should have hoop attachments or a drop feed dog for free motion embroidery.
  • Level of automation– Reading through embroidery machine reviews todays, automation is one the highly sort after pointers to a good machine. Features such as computerized LCD screens, USB ports and scanners help in getting the job done within the shortest time possible and accurately.
  • Price– Instead of using the price as your guiding factor into knowing the best embroidery machine, you need to go beyond that. List your needs first and then look for the machine that matches or closely matches those needs. This will avoid you buying a machine for a huge amount only to use a fraction of the features it has.
  • Size and portability– if you do not do your embroidery at home, you may need to carry your machine to and fro. Getting a portable machine and a carrying case can sort you out. Also when working with heavy materials such as denim, you may need a slightly heavier machine to hold the fabric in place. Balance the portability aspect depending on the type of work for which you are sourcing the machine.
  • Warranty – to ensure you a protected in case of mechanical failures, you should ensure you have a solid warranty in place. The warranty should clearly detail the conditions under which its applicable so that you do not void it and suffer later. Read through it and if possible seek clarifications before making your purchase.

Where possible, look for a comprehensive embroidery machine review or comparison chart to make cross comparisons of the different features that come with machines and how well they match your needs.

Conclusion best embroidery machine

Getting the best embroidery machine that can handle the task you have earmarked can be the beginning of success in the field of embroidery. Whether you are working with heavy fabrics such as denim or light fabrics, the outcome will depend on several factors amongst them the choice of machine. As we are living in the era of technology, everything is computerized including sewing machines. However, don’t be moved by the galaxy of features unless you understand how beneficial each one of them will be for your job.

There is completely no point in investing loads of cash in a machine that will not deliver as expected. This is why it helps to read through sites like this and particular the reviews. As experts in this field my overall aim is to ensure you get the best embroidery machine that will fully bring out your creativity and uniqueness.